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About Yerba Buena

At Yerba Buena, we have many years of experience creating valuable content and maintaining digital ecosystems for brands in Spain. It’s time we did the same for you and brought you truly closer to the Spanish and Latin American market.

We are experts in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing for brands related to fashion, decoration, gastronomy and general lifestyle. We work in a digital environment and stand out for our ability to sell experiences online.

At Yerba Buena, we will work closely with your team to create, manage and expand your community in the Spanish-speaking world. From Madrid to Montevideo and beyond.


Services and solutions

Because it’s not about just translating, it’s about sharing.
It’s not about writing, it’s about generating experiences.

servicio consultoria y estrategia

Consultancy and Strategy

We develop your Spanish-language content marketing plan, specially tailored to your needs.

We adapt your business strategy to the Hispanic market, taking into consideration its lifestyle, culture, codes and way of interacting with social media.

servicio formacion in company

Content Marketing

We have a team of experts and journalists in different areas to help you create quality content for your community. Our community management team is always on the move, dedicating every working day to creating, handling and expanding your digital ecosystem in Spanish.

Brand expansion

We integrate public relations and digital content in your content plan. Our experience managing Spanish and Latin American influencers and experts allows us to enhance your brand in new markets with profiles that hit your target audience directly, without sacrificing your particular style.

servicio Content Marketing Integral

Filming & Audio-visual production

Starting with a mood board and a script, we will design your multimedia production. We take care of managing locations and general production tasks, and we have an excellent team of stylists, professional photographers, make-up artists, models and extras at our disposal.

Send us your project brief and we will provide a customised quote. You’re sure to find our prices unbeatable.

Fashion & Lifestyle Content Marketing

Our Fashion and Lifestyle team is multidisciplinary and laser-focused. Thanks to our know-how in omnichannel strategy and content marketing, you’ll access your clients in an effective, creative and friendly way. We facilitate the sales process and foster engagement and positive sharing in your community.

Online store with headquarters in Spain

If you are looking for a distribution base located in Spain to be able to serve your product locally, we have low-cost solutions that will allow you to store, distribute and deal with Spanish customers from Spain, without having to physically be there.

Ask us about our custom services.


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Yerba Buena team

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Pilar López

Pilar López

Dirección y Consultoría
Ella siempre dice que “Todo lo que pasa fuera de Internet, también puede pasar online”
Marina Rubalcaba

Marina Rubalcaba

Content Marketing Manager

Casi una década escribiendo de moda, estilo de vida y belleza en Internet.

Jose Luis Obando

Jose Luis Obando

Social Media Manager

Con un estilo de vida muy personal, es experto en Instagram y en compartir experiencias a través de la fotografía y la creación de contenido.

Rosa Durán

Rosa Durán

Social Media Manager

Contenidos y analítica. No entiende uno sin el otro. Y tampoco la vida sin nadar y leer

María Arjonilla

María Arjonilla

Contenidos audiovisuales

María es la benjamina de Yerba Buena pero toda una experta en comunicar a través de la edición de vídeo y audio. Podcast, spots, tutoriales…

Javier Turrión

Javier Turrión

Javier hace tandem con María y aporta todo su conocimiento y mucha ilusión en la producción de contenidos multimedia

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